West Coast Top 10 Most Wanted – Clublog

Its been a long time since I checked the “Top 10 Most Wanted” lists on Clublog, but the West Coast Most Wanted List is interesting (the global most wanted list is not, actually).

I need Bouvet and Glorioso – so I am in good company. I’m actually surprised Turkmenistan is at 10 – I would have expected it to be lower on the list. This is an interesting list for sure – I’m so glad I worked Jean at FT5WJ that Saturday morning on 20M SSB – a total chance QSO. Crozet is very hard to get permission to visit unless you are a scientist working gere. P5 was ridiculously easy – no challenge at all. That’s my gloating point. Mount Athos was really hard – harder than Crozet or North Korea! Syria was easy – one fellow was on the air on 40M CW every morning in the North American winter mornings. It’s so sad what has happened to that country. Kerguelin, Pratas were easy – Marion was hard – but epic fun . . .

Its all memories for me now – and its been so long that I have to dig hard to even remember . . . . .

2 Comments on “West Coast Top 10 Most Wanted – Clublog

  1. Funny that your interest seems to be rising again just as mine is absolutely bottoming out. I can barely even raise any interest for T33. I hope I’m not about to take another ten year nap. It never seems like my interest cycle and the solar cycle coincide!


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