Firecrackers on July 5th!

Today was a Big Fun day – I got a great start on the OHR WM-2 Wattmeter – what a great kit . . .

The day started with another epic day at the gym – I found out I am this months leader on the leader board – something I’m much more proud to be than any DXing leaderboard – for reasons I mentioned in the last post. OK – we are only 5 days into the month – heh heh

Then I came home and checked out the AB-577 tower and realized that it is so close to dead nuts on square that I have to work to figure out how to tweak it a bit to be “perfect” – and that may not even be necessary. Its going to be a shim here or there – fine tuning for sure! That was a relief – when I look at a tower I guess I am a bit “sensitive” as far as how square it is – with the DXU-32 I had it was way more important than the much smaller UrbanBeam – funny that . . . the differences between the DXU-32 and UrbanBeam are like night and day.

I got about 1/3 of the components soldered in the OHR WM-2 Wattmeter – so that was cool. AND, I fixed that lame assed cheap junk Chinese rotary switch in my paddle switch box – I turned the heat way down on my Hakko soldering station, and figured out that if I switched into each position that the switch wouldn’t melt because the trace of the switch would act as a sort or heat sync. Its total bullshit – but hey – they don’t make ceramic wafer switches like they did at Johnson or Collins in the 50’s . . . Now my two Begali Single Lever paddles rock on any of my rigs – and there are no switching issues – so that’s a done deal.

Next up to bat – the SW-3. Got that fixed – it was just a set screw. Jesus – I love that radio – its a “religious experience” – heh heh. So sad – I heard KPIG was sold (again), and I its why they must be off the air on 1510 kc AM in the SF Bay Area. Oh well – I expected this.

Played my gorgeous Gretsch guitar and remembered all of the great things I learned from my best friend and ex band mate Jeff yesterday – that lesson really opened my eyes – I am seeing my guitar playing from a whole new perspective (economy of motion and chords with related notes and progressions that I did not know before) – and wow – my playing took a big leap in just a day. Too cool. I played until my fingers hurt so bad today – I had to stop. I wanted to play more. You should see the “divots” in my finger tips . . . .

When I play I have been working through song books of the Beatles – and REM, but what has risen to the top? Jersey bands – The Feelies and Yo La Tengo. Funny that . . . . .

OK – onward . . .

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