The Project Queue at KY6R

I’ve got 5 ham radio projects “queued up” . . . 

I have today off and besides one home repair project, have three days to get some of these done:

  1. OHR WM-2 – QRP Wattmeter – this one will definitely get some time – I hope to finish it by Sunday. I want to use my new Begali single lever keys – but with QRP rigs – the Norcal 40A and Red Hot 40 (especially)
  2. National SW-3 – the “Oreo Cookie” tuning knob has worked its way loose from the variable capacitor it controls. I have used that rig almost daily since I completed its restoration late last year / early this year. I lucked out – KPIG was transmitting on 1510 kc, but alas – they seem to have stopped. They did warn us that their AM station would only be back on the air “for a limited time only”. Bummer, it was a blast to use a 1931 radio to listen to what seems like the last decent AM radio station on the air – certainly in the SF Bay area
  3. Collins KWS-1 – man, I really need to get back to that one – I have fabricated the part I need to fix the “slug rack”, but it will take a day to take it a part and hopefully figure out how to repair it without getting into trouble (I worry that it could lead to a bigger project than I expect – so I m procrastinating). Plus, I only use it very occasionally – for special purposes like Field Day. I do want to use it for 3Y0I this coming November, so I better get on it some time this summer
  4. AB-577 – I need to do some tweaking to make sure the tower is perfectly square – some settling has occurred – its close to perfectly level, but I want it dead on
  5. Replace the paddle rotary switch in my home brewed switch box. The switch is a cheap Chinese part – and while it looked and felt like a ceramic wafer – it was not as robust as the old 1950’s American made switches that you see in amplifiers, antenna tuners and whatnot. When soldering it – I learned the hard way that the new Chinese switch is really plastic – not ceramic – and one position melted, leaving the contact “OK” – but I expect it will wear out fast.

When it rains, it pours – its funny how all of a sudden I have a backlog of such projects. I’m sure I’ll get the WM-2 and the AB-577 projects done- the others can happen whenever – in fact, none of these are pressing. My gym attendance and losing the weight that I have so successfully started is my latest “obsession” besides work – and I’m also playing the guitar and learned some great things in yesterdays lesson / jam session. I’m also reading 3 books right now – yikes –

I am 100% sure I won’t be bored when I retire – oh yeah – at work I’m digging in on developing what will surely be a killer design and a killer product. Wow – I am even more inspired than I was last year at this time. The difference this year is that I have learned to work hard and smart at work – but make sure I make time to keep a more balanced life – and not put ALL of my eggs in the work basket.

Now – about that new Raspberry Pi 4 . . . ..  heh heh


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