OHR WM-2 QRP Wattmeter

I hope to wrap this project up today – I have the chassis mounted parts left to go and just a few PC board mounted parts to go – mainly the RF sensing section.

I did get a new Hakko soldering station. I needed to know the heat temperature, because I learned the hard way when I melted the cheap Chinese ceramic wafer switch that I need to pay attention to the heat adjustment on the iron. My old Hakko is still in great shape and it’s about 15 years old! I’ll use it in the basement since my Weller irons have all crapped out.

I was able to program several local repeaters – and found the Icom software to be OK (once I downloaded the latest version that seemed to have better com port support).

Part of my disaster Preparedness will be trimming trees. I have a creek bed that forms about 250′ of the “hypotenuse” of my triangular lot. In recent years, several cedar and pine trees have fallen during heavy rain storms in the winter, and in the summer and fall – wildfire season, I need to keep tree branches away from the house.

The Ridgecrest quake has reprioritized my project list a bit, but like knowledge, preparedness is power.

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