Tariffs, Ham Radio Gear and “DXcitement”

The Mosley SF-402-A 40M 2 element yagi

I’ve noticed a recent increase in aluminum and stainless steel prices – and other metals – and it has finally “trickled down” to Ham Radio Antennas. So much winning! I have wondered if it might be smart to purchase an antenna before prices shoot up again – and they will. It would only be a “back up” option – for the day the UrbanBeam goes belly up. The price of the UrbanBeam shot up since I purchased it – and I am not sure I’d buy it at its current price. However – I don’t see any other antenna that covers the HF bands like the UrbanBeam – so it makes me still very happy I have one.

The Elecraft K4 is the same thing – I used to get so excited about a new rig like this – but I am very content – in fact – more than expected that I have the Gold Dust Twins and the IC-7300 and QRP rigs. This combo gives me the three levels of power that make for an interesting session in the shack – High, Medium and Low. The “novelty” of DXCC has shifted to just goofing around, and so my shack is my playhouse.

There is only ONE DXpedition I care about – 3Y0I to Bouvet – hopefully in November. Its good to have at least one Dxpedition I care about – or my interest could go away for good. I still wonder about Glorioso . . . that just seems unobtainable . . .

The excitement I used to have regarding DX-ing has shifted now to other things – mostly the gym and losing weight – I have hit another 10 pounds lost. I also have been really loving playing the guitar again – so instead of having a total OCD about DX-ing and DXCC, I have a much more balanced existence.

I still love playing with antennas, and it still amazes me that I got into some of this antique radio stuff. Some things stay the same – and other things change I guess.

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