The Songs of Our Lives

My 1930’s Regal wooden tube guitar amp and Epiphone Century arch top guitar

Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed San Francisco, I played in nightclubs

Switching Yard at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco – Circa 1985-ish

I’m glad I was there when you could send your cassette tape and get a gig. Those days are long gone – money, power and privilege has deep sixed the days of the Common Man.

Fortunately, I can play my guitar in my living room and with my very good friend Jeff, I’ve learned some new things that have already advanced my playing past the days of my youth. I’ve reached the next level since my recent July 4th guitar lesson.

Like Morse Code – when I was away from Ham Radio from 1977 – my guitar playing has come right back. I’m quite surprised, but loving it.

Music has been such a joy and guide in my life. I always have had a song on my mind.

It’s so much fun playing guitar again – I’m even writing new songs – songs that might not leave the living room – well – maybe in my mind.

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