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I’ve been blogging for a few years now – and I think at first I was really concentrated on DXing and DXCC specifically, but over time I’ve changed – so I changed my blog. My previous blog was “The Armchair DXer”. That was when I was fairly single minded.

The last “bastion” of my DXing was DXCC on Top Band – and I loved it. As I usually do – I start out a bit over optimistic – I thought I’d land on 160M and that would be it – my final DXing “resting place”. As its turned out – it is actually 40M. 40M is THE reason I will stay active until I’m SK. The 160M thing was what named this blog – Top Band Chordal Hopper. I’ve now moved on from that too – hi hi .

But at the same time – my life is full of many other things – and I have been introducing these other things in my blog – so its no longer so Ham Radio related – it seems like that’s OK – many have commented on topics other than Ham Radio – and I thank you all for bearing with me. I am a “disciple” of Jack Keroauc – and “stream of conscience” writing – so while I try to stay on topic – sometimes I go off into other areas.

I hope you don’t mind.

5 Comments on “This Blog

  1. This will be your last, best blog ever. You’ve finally got this all figured out. You will retire to Oregon (Bend?) and happily go on blogging here well into your sunset years. For sure, you can count on it!


  2. Hello Rich, as you know I’m blogging for over 10 years now. Mainly about amateurradio with sometimes topics outside the hobby. I always appriciate your posts about your job and other things that came across your mind. Keep on doing it. I think diversity is a good thing, it wouold get boring otherwise. Reminds me I should write some posts about other things as well….73, Bas

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