Mining The Goldmine of Personal Capacity

Looking ahead, my work will be rewarded with more work

At work, we are into the final month of building a killer product that I designed and where I am mentoring a grad school student on her summer internship program. I was in a similar situation last year except this year the product is much better – and based on what I learned there and (especially) my short 3 month (very strange but wonderful) contract with Twitter. I have learned a ton in the last year and that has paid off handsomely – I am now truly a “full stack developer” – where I can switch between front and back end development with ease. Learning React is a real triumph for me, as is Spring Boot with JPA. The product I’ve designed this year makes what I did last year a mere toy.

As soon as the product is ready, that’s when the real work starts – I have to use it to annotate all of our data. This then facilitates the rest of the company gearing up for CCPA Compliance. I am tickled pink – because this year the tool I’ve designed is front and center Priority One. Its great to build something that is one of the most critical tools for a company and its Compliance Health.

My second big “Finish Line” goal is just the start – I am just a few pounds away from my first truly big weight training goal. Working with my trainer at the gym for June and July has been great – and I have lost the first 10 pounds – 2 more and I will be in the next tier lower in weight and it will really feel like a big accomplishment. My reward – as with work – will be to work even harder – since ratcheting the weight down means ramping up the physical effort. No rest for the weary!

The biggest take away that I am learning this summer – and it applies to digging deep mentally and physically – is that we all have a lot more capacity and ability than we think. It does take a lot of hard work, time and patience. In both cases I am thoroughly enjoying it – no more being in too much of a rush as I was when I was younger – I now know how and when to “savor the moment”.

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