The KY6R Mighty Wall of QRP!

The Red Hot 40, NorCal40A and OHR WM-2 QRP Wattmeter

Wow, I’m having big fun tonight in the shack. I’ve tested both rigs using my new WM-2, and it’s so cool to have this meter – it really makes a big difference.

I called CQ on 7007, and then 1A0C fired up on 7004 – which caused a feeding frenzy of callers on 7007. Up the band, the usual CWT contest was going on – hey – 40M CW is alive and well – at least tonight!

I sure love the Red Hot 40 – it really is a better version of the Norcal40A. Its audio is very hot – and it has basically no noise. Signals just pop right up from a noiseless floor – its certainly the best 90’s era QRP rigs that I have ever used.

The Begali HST III is (currently) winning out over the Sculpture Mono – but time will tell

Hey – my idea to have several “play stations” in the shack is ACE. The small but well equipped electronics workbench, the Collins Gold Dust Twins, the IC-7300 – and now the mighty Wall of QRP add variety and spice to Ham Radio for me. The Begali Single Lever paddles are fantastic – and are Making CW Great Again for me. I actually want to get on the air and call CQ. In fact – the QRP “angle” offers enough challenge to make this fun and exciting – any QSO is a winner now. And none of the stress of chasing awards. Hmmmm – now about that Elecraft KX2 . . . . if I can find one used I’ll go for one.

My evil plans are working!

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