July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 and My Father

I live in California because of Aerospace, and my Father’s work on a project that paved the way for the first landing on the moon


In this document, my Father (who had changed his name from the German spelling) is listed as:

“Mr. A. Hallock acted as the Prime Manufacturing Coordinator”

He was a Mechanical Engineer by trade (after many years as a master machinist whose specially was CNC – like Pierro Begali), and was working for Thiokol Reaction Motors Division in Denville, NJ. The first Surveyor was one in a series that made it possible for Apollo 11:

My Father was the project manager for the “vernier propellant pressurizing gas tank”

Surveyor 1

Aerospace is very much a driving reason why I got into Ham Radio at age 13 in 1973. It is most definitely why I got into my career as a computer programmer – when in 1976, as WA2QHN, my fathers friend told me to Not become an EE – but get into software. I listened to him.

In 1969 we were supposed to move to Redlands, California, but that was put off for another 10 years. But again – Aerospace was the reason for our move. We ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area, which turned out to be a gift for me – I became Oracle employee 127 in 1984. My father and twin brother worked on the Space Shuttle tiles at Lockheed. I was a COBOL programmer at Lockheed before joining Oracle.

Its amazing to think that my Father landed on the beach at Normandy – drove to Stuttgart and gave his Grandfather a ride in his US Jeep. And then, years later, worked on the Surveyor – paving the way for Apollo 11, and years later working on the Space Shuttle. What a great career! I’ve always been inspired by that.

Yes, that was when America Was Great – and I only wish we had leaders in charge that weren’t so nasty and political – because America has always been great- and it was made that way by people like my Father – and so many others – in his generation and many before and after him. And like my Father – an Immigrant from Germany – the Great People in America are from all over this planet – the one that they marveled at from the Apollo 11 capsule.

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