An Epic Summer!

Summer daisies in full bloom

Corte Bombero is a small street off of Orchard Road. I pass this scene every day on my way to work on my bike, and Friday morning the scene screamed HALT! It was photo time for sure – I only had my smart phone, but that’s OK.

The project at work is way better than last summers work project – and that was great then. I guess there is always room for improvement. Yesterday I rode the Lamorinda Loop and stopped at the gym for some iron pumping – this is the second Saturday where I did this – and its a “new classic” that I’ll do until the rainy season hits after Thanksgiving. My progress at the gym has been stellar – I am so pleased that I am losing fat and gaining muscle (and losing weight). More importantly – I am carefully watching the bio-physical effects of what I am doing and collecting data for several things that are as or more important than weight itself – % fat and BMI.

Getting the AB-577 and running up to Colfax with that cool rented Dodge Caravan minivan was a marker of a great weekend this summer. I totally screwed up when I sold my first AB-577, but the fellow who has 4 extension tubes is sending them this week – so I am redeeemed. If you have an AB-577, don’t sell it (unless you sell it to me – heh heh). They are to be cherished.

Speaking of things to cherish – the National SW-3 with KPIG fills the shack with music when I am not on the air – like when I was restoring the KWS-1 or building the OHR WM-2 QRP Wattmeter – which has turned out to be a great little piece of gear. Its too hot to turn on the Gold Dust Twins – but it was fun using them for Field Day. Soon I will be on the air with the KX-2, and in the meantime goofing around with the Red Hot 40 and Norcal40A and Begali Mono Lever keys has been a ton of fun. I will say the 90’s QRP nostalgia trip is wearing off – I am now wanting to get serious about QRP DX-ing with the KX-2, so the 90’s rigs are sort of like the Gold Dust Twins – sort of “special event” use so to speak.

My guitar playing is very quickly getting better and more fun every day. Its a meditation actually – I get “in the zone” when I’m playing and trying new chords and fingerings and progression.

As far and the 40M yagi is concerned – I will go for it – but also keep the UrbanBeam. It would be great to say switch to the JK-402 (yeah I am about to order one), but swap it for the UrbanBeam until the high bands open back up – in what I think will be 1.5 – 2 years from now.

Its one of the best summers I’ve had in years, and they are usually all pretty darn good.


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