More 40M Antenna Comparisons

The 2 element yagi up 65′ would be a great antenna – out performing a dipole by about 4dB

The plots do mirror what I have tested on air – the DV-40-P phased verticals were better than the UrbanBeam up only 35′ feet on the ALM-31. The UrbanBeam starts to look better than the DV-40-P at about 45′ up – which is where I have it up now.

The gap widens once the UrbanBeam is up 65′, and a 2 element yagi up 65′ is the king of the hill and would “open new layers of DX” in a noticeable fashion over the other antennas.

Since I will be getting the 4 AB-577 tubes in early August – I will wait and see if I can tell how getting the UrbanBeam up to 65′ will make a big difference. The three most interesting plots are the 2 element phased vertical array and the dipole and 2 element yagi up 65′. You can see why the DV-40-P might have beat even an antenna up 65′ – on receive – it “hears” lower angle signals that even the antennas up 65’might not hear.


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