40, 30 and 20M EZNec Plots on the UrbanBeam

Glad I caught myself – when you factor in 30 and 20M – it sure is best that I keep the UrbanBeam . . . 

Boy, for where I am in my chase – and like I said last post especially since I am going to start the long journey of trying to get to 300 DXCC entities using the Elecraft KX-2, yowza – the UrbanBeam at 65′ is a great compromise for sure.

I might have a special QSL card designed with the KX-2 and Begali HST III or Sculpture Mono key featured – along the lines of this card – which is my “nostalgia” QSL card

Here are my self imposed DXCC QRP “rules”:

  1. 5 watts
  2. Any mode the KX-2 provides (mixed DXCC) – but I prefer CW. Maybe I will make it CW only (?)
  3. Try to make as many simplex (non split) QSO’s
  4. No 160M – that’s a waste of time for 5 watts – I had enough of Top Band with full power
  5. UrbanBeam – I also have an inverted Vee for 80 if that even matters
  6. Each QSO has a real QSL card sent and received. The QSL cards go in a very cherished binder

I feel that making 300 QRP will be a much bigger accomplishment than QRO DXCC Honor Roll. I also feel that the UrbanBeam really does offer a unique antenna to pair with the KX-2.


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