Announcing the “Free Range QRP DXer 300” Award

The Elecraft KX-2 will very soon be my “muse”

I started thinking more about my latest incarnation of a Ham Radio DXer “manifesto”, and think I am getting really close. Here are the rules:

  1. I will be a “Free Range QRP DXer” – I will play by my own rules and need no club or organization to tell me that I am having fun
  2. I will only use 5 watts
  3. I will only use CW
  4. I will submit to no electronic list or leaderboard – no LOTW, no Clublog, etc
  5. I will send and receive paper QSL cards – these cards will be my reward and keepsake in a special QSL binder. No buro. I will gladly pay for direct return postage with greenstamps
  6. I will work entities on the ARRL DXCC list combined with the IOTA list – a “counter” is from either list
  7. When I reach 300 QRP entities from that combined list – I win all the glory that being a “Free Range QRP DXer” is entitled to
  8. I will aspire to having the best antenna system up – and will greatly compensate this way for low power
  9. I will operate only from the West Coast PST time zone
  10. I will use only battery power

In short – I will be a legend in my own mind and chicks will ogle me to the point where I will constantly have to say “My eyes are up here” . . . .

2 Comments on “Announcing the “Free Range QRP DXer 300” Award

  1. Hello Rich, now you’re talking….that’s the way a real HAM operator should do it. Don’t make this easy, make this hard for yourself. If accomplished you can be proud and you will feel utimately happy. You will feel happy for every single contact and QSL as well. This will bring back the real HAM radio spirit back to you. Good luck and hope to meet you on the airwaves some time. 73, Bas

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    • Thanks Bas – and agree 100%. This new challenge will take a long time – and unlike my previous challenges, as Clarke, K1JX says “If I work a new one QRP – great, if not, there is always tomorrow”. This means even though it will be harder than DXCC HR “QRO” – it will actually be easier because the expectations are not set that some DXpedition is “do or die” for me. That pressure actually burned me out and took away the fun. Now its all about FUN.

      Well – thank you sir – you just gave me a new idea for my net blog.


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