August is Nigh!

Mastrant Guy Rope

One of the sponsors of VK0EK was Mastrant, and I was lucky to purchase several spools of this guy rope after the DXpedition. In fact, they had several 500′ rolls left over – never opened, so that was great. The weaving and they way they do it makes it much stronger and less “stretchy” than the usual dacron uv polyester rope.

N6BT DXU-32 – with a 28′ boom and 42′ “wingspan” on my old AB-577

I’ll be receiving 4 more AB-577 extension tubes within the next 5 – 6 days, and I will replace the guy rope I have now with the Mastrant.

AB-577 portable mast system

I am very lucky to be able to get another full AB-577 plus the 4 extension tubes. The AB-577 might be the only piece of Ham Radio gear that I seriously regretted selling. I thought I was going to downsize, and everything else I have sold I have no regrets. I got really, really lucky this year for sure.

The UrbanBeam is about half the weight of the DXU-31, and its “wingspan” is only 30 feet, the boom is 4′, and its only 45 pounds. It very much behaves like a 2 element yagi on 20 – 6M, and because it has 40 and 30M – you don’t have to stack a rotatable dipole over the boom of a high band yagi – as many hams do. It is like a feather when compared to the very heavy and large DXU-32, which was a fantastic antenna, but when I took it down I realized how much I was pushing it being on top of the AB-577. Its a testiment to the AB-577, but I like playing it safe(r).

The Elecraft KX-2

This weekend, after my workouts, chores and guitar playing, I will start the long journey of trying to work 300 DXCC entities using only 5 watts, and yes, I have decided CW only. This weekend I will have the UrbanBeam up 45′, and will finish my summer chore of trimming trees (which was needed to clear the area for guy ropes anyway), and that paves the way for putting up the 4 new AB-577 tubes – which will happen the first weekend in August.

Wow – in 3 weeks we hope to go live with my “next generation” Data Catalog and Compliance tool. It is way beyond and improved over what I did a year ago – and I now am solid with React and also Java – Spring Boot. I have finally arrived as a “Full Stack Developer”, and check out what is happening in the IT Industry regarding “Data Privacy Compliance”:

5 data privacy startups cashing in on GDPR

After a 2018 summer of great “fanfare” – last October I was told my project was not high priority. I knew better. I can say almost a year later that I was just way ahead of the curve and that now its all paying off in spades. I went through some terrible political shit at work at the end of last year – into the beginning of this year, but I knew we were (the IT industry) were on the cusp of an entire new industry – instigated by GDPR in EU, and that with CCPA, the floodgates would open here in the US. Of course this makes sense – the US has some of the most heinous companies as far as Customer Data Rights are concerned. I won’t name names – but you can probably guess who – think social media to start, then think “Cloud Computing”. Then think about how they sell your personal data – and ask why your Smart Phone and Email have been spammed to the point of making your Smart Phone really dumb – and near useless – at least as a phone! It gets a lot worse than that (think Equifax), but I know I can’t use my phone as a phone much anymore . . . what other personal information has been sold – or passed around – its very scary . . . and I can tell you – most companies, especially with the advent of the cloud – have no idea what data they have and where – its the IT Industries dirty, but not so secret dirty secret. The product I have designed changes all of that for smaller companies – ones who can’t afford the big expensive products that require “Big 5” like implementation projects. Of course many companies in the US will wait until the 4th quarter and try to rush this – and will fail huge bigly. This stuff takes time and is very complex. Anyone who hasn’t started on this will find themselves in deep shit in 2020.

Two of the startups with seed money are in San Francisco, one is in Atlanta, one in NYC and one in London. The era of Customer Data Rights is here – and speaking of August – the California Attorney General will be finalizing some details that we are all waiting for.

My “Data Discoverer” project launches in August and so does my UrbanBeam at 65′. We are in the last week of July, and I can’t wait for these exciting things to happen. Bring it!

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