My imaginary blog would be called “The Free Range QRP DXer” . . . I’d have a logo made with a chicken with a monocle and top hat sending Morse Code would grace the header of the blog. The problem with this – I like to write about more than just Ham Radio. I did try once to write a blog just about the History of DXCC, but the problem with that was it got really boring and formulaic after about 30 entities. It was well received, but I suspect the audience was very small.

Yes, I have many interests, and I like to write about things that move me to write. Also – sometimes things that don’t seem related sometimes end up being very related. Here is a great example:


I’ve noticed quite a few hams remark that CW is truly “music to their ears”, and you know what – they are right. I recently practiced guitar – and was working on different staccato patterns in my strumming and “arpeggiating”, and then went into the shack and sent CQ. Bingo! A very strong connection was made. I also love photography – but my photography is used in my blog – so I feel the pictures speak for themselves. Camera gear only sometimes moves me – but not enough to write reviews or anything like that. I also love cycling, and the same thing applies – occasionally I like to sing the praises of my “life on a bike”. I even like writing about data and IT topics – programming languages, system architectures, etc

For whatever reason – I do mostly stick to Ham Radio topics and mostly to DX-ing. I actually don’t know why – but again – I guess the spirit just moves me a bit more to write about radio.



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