IOTA + DXCC = 300 QRP Free Range Counters

The KX-2 is very popular – and has been on back order

Well, I have thought more about my new “Free Range QRP DXer 300” goal, and I do think I have it nailed – I can’t think of anything to add or remove. The other day I added a few superfluous items – if I remove the manifesto part and distill it down to “just the self imposed rules”:

  1. 5 watts
  2. CW
  3. Paper QSL cards – direct only
  4. ARRL DXCC list combined with the IOTA list – 300 entities is the goal
  5. West Coast PST time zone
  6. Battery power

Since this is a pursuit that defies any one organization or “award”, like earning DXCC Honor Roll or IOTA – the reward / award is truly the journey. I will blog about this pursuit and scan and post each of the 300 QSL cards – and will be especially interested in the mix of IOTA counters. Here is the IOTA web site – its very nicely done:

The first thing you will see is they embrace adding new islands and island groups often, and so the attitude seems different than DXCC – where the list seems more “coveted” – and where there are some who want counters added, and others who don’t – and the net sum is that the list does not change nearly as often as IOTA.

I am going to be a very casual DXCC and IOTA participant – in fact – I am only using their lists as a guide – I won’t be applying for any award whatsoever.

It looks like the KX-2 and some hardware I need for the mast increase won’t arrive until next week – so this new project won’t kick off until August – but that’s OK – in fact, that’s part of my manifesto – this is all “catch as catch can”.

Boy is this refreshing as compared to be the way I used to be regarding DXCC – time doesn’t matter, DXpeditions don’t matter – if they happen cool – if they don’t – oh well – what’s next . . . .

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