AB-577 Extension Tubes!

Four 5′ 4″ AB-577 Extension Tubes

I received the four AB-577 extension tubes today. I feel really lucky to not only find another AB-577, but to also get the extension tubes (plus brand new replacement parts from Ontario Surplus), and I will be back where I was before I sold the previous AB-577 – the only ham radio gear I ever regret selling. This means I now have 12 tubes in all – or 64′ of mast / tower. I don’t use the carrying cage as some do – because I feel its much safer – especially for a semi-permanent home installation – to keep the tubes all the way down in the “launcher”. Its also easier to rotate by hand with the spanner wrench.

These were a real find – you don’t find many people selling off parts like this anymore. Ontario Surplus hasn’t had the launcher or tubes for years – but Ben does have many of the other parts in stock. I did purchase a third guy ring and NOS clamps, NOS cable assembly and NOS work drive gear box. This means I can do any repairs should I need to – I have extra parts on hand.

The UrbanBeam will be up at 67′ very soon (the top short double walled mast puts the boom 3′ above the top section. This will be the highest I’ve ever had an antenna up (although that wire dipole I had up to clinch DXCC HR by working SV2ASP/A was close).

Its almost 95 degrees out at 2:30 – which means we could hit 100 degrees by 4 PM – so this will have to wait until tomorrow morning – when its cooler.

One Comment on “AB-577 Extension Tubes!

  1. I love The Tubes!

    Talk To Ya Later from Wild in London is phenomenal! Great live!

    Ahh, wait…


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