CCPA, GDPR and a Whole New IT Market is Born

Postman API Lifecycle

Yesterday was a GREAT day at work. My Summer Intern along with a good friend and Mentor got the first step in gluing the front end of our “Data Discoverer” (React and JavaScript – with Material-UI, Formik and Yup) to our back end REST API (Java Spring Boot and JPA). Besides a MUCH better architecture than last year – the technologies and libraries we are using are much better, and the engineering discipline at LendUp is far better. I still can’t believe how last year React was overwhelming to learn, but this year I nailed it and understand the full stack. Learning Java turns out to be far easier too – but that is because REST API’s always follow the same pattern – regardless of language – I have now created REST API’s in Python Flask, Node Express and Java Spring Boot.

I thought last year – and last summer’s work project was great – this summer I suppose its the natural and logical next big step up. This is why I really think the best thing in life is learning something new. You have to challenge yourself – you have to push yourself. Yes its hard, but the personal rewards have the best possible ROI (Return on Investment). Yes, you have to invest in yourself.

The product I have designed is what these companies are getting their start building – its exactly what I have designed, built and delivered at Credit Karma, Twitter and now LendUp. My Credit Karma and (even more so) Twitter experience prepared me to hit a real crescendo as far as designing and building tools like this are concerned. Here’s the first one I built – with early great success:

But to my surprise, after a big splash launch – things just petered out. That turned out to be a Godsend – what I learned in the short 3 months at Twitter turns out to be what has helped me make a huge step up to the next level. Such is life – and since then, things have only gotten way better. I kept moving forward, and my persistence and perseverance paid off in spades – this is why you can “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”:

There are two “Holy Grails” that I have figured out this year – and no commercial product that we evaluated at Twitter has this – the ability to profile a file and extract metadata. Getting database metadata is a piece of cake – files are much more complex. The second trophy is being able to plot out what basically is a graph of all data points and the programs that process data in those data points – better known as Data Lineage.

I guess last year I was just ahead of the IT industry by a year or so. I knew with GDPR, companies would need what I was building – and even moreso – what I am building now – which includes the Compliance / Data Security and Protection is a way that lets a company Comply to ANY data regulation – including CCPA and GDPR.

Last year I built “just a Data Dictionary”. Working on a Collibra implementation and becoming Level III certified. I learned the difference between a Data Dictionary and a Data Catalog, and even more importantly, how to model Compliance and Data Security.

Since that VentureBeat blog post – several more companies have gotten seed money to build what I have. A whole new IT sector and industry (Data Protection and Data Rights) is just getting underway.

This just the start of this story – stay tuned . . .

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