40, 30 and 20M Up 65 Feet

40 and 20M dipoles and a 30M Moxon. Primary (black) is a 30M dipole up 65′

A 30M Moxon is only 35′ wide and requires a 12′ boom. This means if the UrbanBeam ever goes belly up and is not repairable, I could put up a home brewed 30M Moxon. I already have the materials sitting on the side of the house.

This would be a lightweight antenna that would perform like a dipole on 40 and 20 – and even above 20M. The idea would be to get as much gain as possible on the lowest band possible – and while 40M is my preferred band, 30M sometimes opens and behaves a lot like 40M – and when it does – its a joy. Of course – a 30M Moxon basically takes up the space of a 20M yagi – so its easier to build and put up than a 40M 2 element yagi – and not having to have coils is a real big deal – it will have wider bandwidth and can be multi-banded (as a dipole).

JK Antennas has a JK-302 which is a 2 element 30M yagi, and the price is just over $1000, so it would be a pretty good deal. I’d have to think about that one – because 40M is open a lot more than 30M – but as I said, when 30 behaves like 40, its great.

The Moxon idea could be the best idea because it doesn’t have coils – and so is better as a dipole on many other bands.

Its always good to have a backup plan, and one where I can build it myself. As long as the UrbanBeam works and doesn’t require expensive parts replacement – that’s my antenna.

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