Slow and Steady Really Does Win The Race

I have learned this lesson this year more than any other year I can remember. Maybe its the first time I have noticed this lesson is always all around me . . . In fact, it seems like this is My Year of the Tortoise. Here are the ways that this Aesop’s Fable just rings clear and true:

  1. It took a year for me to finally Learn React – and that was after putting React aside for about a year. I have read others have gone through this exact same thing. React is a technology that is very much overwhelming at first – especially if you also don’t know modern JavaScript – which is the most idiosyncratic language ever. Oddly enough – as much as it would be possible to criticize React and JavaScript – very oddly enough – its one of the most fun programming environments I have ever worked with. If I hadn’t (for the second year) been thrown in the position of having to build this app myself – and where I couldn’t just bail by hiring someone to do it for me – I would not have persisted as I have
  2. I have lost 11 pounds in just over 2 months and with my cardio belt and BMI / Fat monitor – I much better understand weight loss and am 100% confident that I will lose the last 34 pounds (21 more will get me well into the best BMI zone for my body type – and would even be awesome even at that). The key to my success is that I know it will take time – slow and steady – before I’d give up if I hit a plateau. I just broke through what seemed like a 2 week plateau – before this I just gave up because I had been on a plateau for 6 months or so. You don’t even finish the race if you just stop
  3. I was in way too much of a hurry when I knew I was going to leave Credit Karma and when looking for a job. The combination of my job skills and experience will always be snapped up in the SF Bay Area – and it would behoove me not to be in too much of a rush. I had a very strange 3 month contract with Twitter – and I learned a lot and made best use of those 3 months doing a VERY deep dive in what I think is the best commercial Data Compliance platform in the industry (Collibra) – but I am so much happier that I ended up at LendUp doing what I am doing and working with the wonderful team that I am – and also having 1 more hour of personal time per day because of perhaps the best commute I’ve ever had. In fact – this facilitated going to the gym 5 – 6 times a week and exercising strenuously 7 days a week
  4. Restoring and getting the Gold Dust Twins on the air took time and patience. I learned how to use an oscilloscope – and ironically, the problem was mechanical, not electrical, but my first instinct was to check the electronics – not the mechanical. In retrospect that seemed silly, but when you are learning something new, this is just the way it is
  5. Getting a new AB-577 and Extension Tubes was a big deal and a project in its own right – I couldn’t be in a rush – it only happened because I could admit I had been stupid selling the first one, and not letting that get me down – but plowing ahead as fast as I could go – but also not getting frustrated by not knowing if or when it would happen
  6. Re-learning Guitar – I haven’t played for more than a decade – yet this time around I am seeing many ways to finger chords and throw in different picking and strumming styles that has my guitar playing and songwriting way better than when I was a wannabe rock star in the 80’s
  7. Figuring out what will be my next Stupid Ham Radio Trick – “Free Range QRP DX-ing. Working towards 300 DXCC / IOTA entities will most likely be my last big DXing pursuit – I may never get there, but I will have a blast trying

There may be more – but these are all big deals. It really feels as if the God’s of the Universe are trying to tell me something. More than I ever have been in my life – I feel really proud and happy that I have finally learned this lesson. When I was younger, I conflated working hard and fast with delivering quality. That’s not how it works. In my IT career – now I realize that all of those projects where some manager pushed us hard and fast – that we delivered on time, but did not have the time to deliver the best quality. I have learned to take an extra day – run a few extra tests and not be in as much of a rush as I was when I was younger – and I can see the improvement in quality.

Patience is truly a Virtue – and I am happier because I have learned to be patient, and I understand that everything in life has a certain “cadence” – just like the cadence of turning a crank on my bicycle.

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