GDPR and CCPA – 3 Weeks to Our Production Launch!

oeil de verre - by R. Holoch (KY6R)

My small team is in the last three weeks of development of a product called The Data Discoverer at LendUp in Oakland – and this product helps companies automate compliance with the new Data Protection and Privacy laws – such as GDPR, CCPA, and basically, any other regulation. This is by far the best product I have ever designed, and in three weeks it will be ready to start the final phase of putting it into production.

I will post a link here to a company blog that I am co-authoring with our Compliance team – stay tuned.

I predict that the IT industry will start panicking soon – and that panic will kick into high gear during the 4th quarter of this year – just in time for the holidays. Many companies will take a “wait and see” attitude and will find themselves deep in a rabbit hole early next year because they waited too long to get started. I have noticed the jobs on LinkedIn all of a sudden are looking for people exactly like me. Two (well known) San Francisco based IT / Data companies passed on me when I interviewed with them last January, and these silly buggers are still looking for that “Unicorn / Rock Star” that they will never find – because no such person exists. Those two jobs are still open! The state of IT hiring is in the worst state I have ever seen – and that’s really bad when it comes to GDPR and CCPA planning. This is a big, big deal – and finding people who have the technical and business / legal chops – who truly understand the problem at hand will become nearly impossible as we close in on January 1, 2020. Oh well – you snooze, you lose – and you will then panic.

You’ve read about the Equifax breach and fines / restitution – and also might have read about Facebooks 5 billion (yes billion) dollar fines – and there are many others and will be even more in the future. SO if you are asleep at the wheel – it could cost your company dearly.

This is the dawn of a new Data Era, and I am in the drivers seat. Its a blast!

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