The Amazing Elecraft KX-3

By accident – I will start my new DXing Challenge using the KX-3 instead of the KX-2

Elecraft released the KX-3 quite a few years ago (in technology years), but it still is very high on Sherwood’s Receiver Test list:

If you look at all of the reviews of the rig – they are all high marks. I had one a few years back and thought to myself (“this is better sounding than my K3 at home”). I used to use the KX-3 when we would go to Bend each year and rent a house for a week. Now I will use one for my “Free Range QRP DXing 300 Challenge”. I better update the “proclamation” to include the fact that I will earn this unknown yet highly esteemed award using only the KX-3:

  1. 5 watts
  2. CW
  3. Elecraft KX-3 only
  4. Paper QSL cards – direct only
  5. ARRL DXCC list combined with the IOTA list – 300 entities is the goal
  6. West Coast PST time zone
  7. Battery power

Yeah – that’s the ticket! Yes, I have an ICOM IC-7300, and yes I love it. HOWEVER, I consider the 7300 a great all rounder – and more of an SSB rig than a CW rig. No facts or data here to back up my assertion, but having used the Elecraft K3 for 10 years, that rig just seemed like a CW rig. The KX-3 even more so. This is based on my subjective use on the air chasing rare and weak DX.

I am now very happy that the KX-2 deal fell though followed by the superb KX-3 deal that popped up seemingly from nowhere – and from a trusted local.

OK – I will report on my findings. It looks like the UrbanBeam will go up to 65′ next weekend – it was basically way too hot here this entire weekend – so better luck next weekend – where I hope we have fog. But we will be into August – and our summer is really August, September and October.

It will be up soon though – and I will also have the KX-3, so I will write quite a few blog posts heralding my new efforts with this gear.

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