My Next DX Chapter Has Begun!

New (candidate) QSL Card design for my Free Range QRP DXing Pursuit – Leonardo Notebook Style . . . (design by Jeff, K1NSS)

I just about swore off DXing, at least “serious” DXing. Even though I’m only 2 away from working them all, for years I’ve felt like “I just want to get the damned thing done”. Honor Roll was fun, HR #1 is just “more” and doesn’t feel all that special.

Enter the Begali Single Lever “mono” keys.

WOW, these keys truly feel like my guitars. They feel so good in the hand, they motivate you to use them. The combination of manual dexterity and the musical sounds offers a meditative quality that is unique.

I found a vintage Minilog – and this is what I will use to log my 300 QRP entities

I received the KX-3 today, and its everything I remembered. In fact, since recently I played with the NorCal40A and Red Hot 40 QRP rigs, I then realized that QRP is where I wanted to be – but using those rigs just wasn’t going to cut the mustard. Like the Vibroplex bug idea I had – sometimes your nostalgic perception of the way things were is more a fantasy than a practicality. Are those 90’s QRP rigs the greatest? [YES]. Would I use either one to try to get to Free Range 300 with them? [NO].

The ICOM IC-7300 is a better SSB rig than the KX-3, but the KX-3 is a better CW rig than the 7300. That’s my subjective opinion, but when it comes to CW DX-ing, I still think this is where Elecraft wins – and pretty much across the board. Ten Tec was the only other company that had the perfect CW rig….

Anyway – lots more to write about, but I am stoked to get started chasing QRP DX. Each and every QSO will be its own award / reward.

2 Comments on “My Next DX Chapter Has Begun!

    • Hello Philip – I will email. I love the image you have on your QRZ – that curtain array sure looks great!




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