Back to School Already?

My Begali Keys are from a city not too far from Milano . . . 

Its the last day of July, 2019, and as I expected, this Summer is just flying by. The year started on a really bad note for me, but I have been rewarded with a veritable bounty of goodness that more than makes up for it. I’ve listed all of these things before – but as far as health and working out / losing weight, designing, building and delivering a killer product at work, getting back into playing guitar and my Ham Radio endeavors, I feel like moving towards Autumn and the Fall Harvest will look good here at chez KY6R.

I have an intern who goes back to school in just over 3 weeks, and my dentist said her kids start school in 2 weeks. My youngest graduated from UC Santa Cruz just a couple months ago – so there is no “Back to School” in my life any more. Yes, time does fly by.

I remember years ago how I’d cringe at the “DX Doldrums” in the summer. That was when I went way too overboard as a DXCC Chaser. HOWEVER, one thing that is now coming back to me that I always loved its as we get closer to the Autumnal Equinox (in about 7 weeks), the lower bands start to really get good. I’m especially thinking about 40, 30 and maybe even 20M. Contest season then starts in about 2 months – and I am really looking forward to that – it will be a way to snag some Free Range QRP DX 300 Challenge counters.

Heck, even DXpeditions that I thought sounded really “ho hum” are now exciting. Hey – this new idea to get back into DXing is sounding better every day – and I am loving the KX-3.

This weekend I will get the UrbanBeam up to 65′ – so that will really be awesome.

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