Win4K3Suite and Asus Xonar Sound Card

The KX-3 control panel in Win4K3Suite

I have Ham Radio Deluxe and do like it, however, I have recently seen rave reviews for the VA2FSQ software. I do like the control panel layout better than on HRD.

Here is another very nice screen shot of his product – this time the panadapter:

With the KX-3’s RX IQ out, I can plug that into something like this Asus Xonar Sound Card:

The Asus Xonar U7 MKII Sound Card

I really like the layout of this box – and it is perfect for my desktop and is ergonomically just right. Its also inexpensive.

The panadapter display is quite nice . . . and I have a wall mounted monitor above my laptop screen

I will be adding right angle connectors on the KX-3 – and will keep its dust cover on and have it under the bench. I will control it using software, and maybe for the first time ever – actually use a panadapter. Since the KX-3 does the processing for the panadapter, the Xonar sound card will provide the signal that the Win4K3Suite needs.

I’m still evaluating this software – and will look into any other such products – including any Open Source software. I guess I will be finally using a rig in what I call “full SDR mode”. What is cool is that when I travel, the KX-3 goes with me and at home – its tucked away being controlled by my laptop. Very versatile indeed!

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