Win4K3Suite and the ASUS Xonar U7 MKII

The ASUS Xonar U7 MKII turns my laptop into the best panadapter I have ever had . . . 

I stumbled on the Win4K3Suite online, and found that with an $80 dollar ASUS external soundcard, I could have the best panadapter possible with the KX-3. I happen to have an ASUSPro laptop – and its the best $500 I have ever spent on a computer – so I like ASUS products – very well made and very well priced. Here is the Xonar:

I showed the fancy product picture yesterday, and today its rockin’ on my desk

The Win4K3Suite is awesome – here are some screen snap shots:

It has one of the nicest panadpter displays I’ve ever seen – its perfect

Its rig control is awesome as well

It has a very cool audio Scope

And an Audio Spectrum display – that I don’t really know what it is useful for

I did also look at a Pignology KX-3 control program that I like a lot – the KX3UI, but the Win4K3 wins because of the panadapter feature.

Tomorrow I will receive this keystroke / mouse controller pod, and will test it as a tuning knob for the KX-3. If it works, it will make for nice ergonomic setup for my new QRP toy – the KX-3.

At this phase in my DX-ing, I am very pleased with the KX-3, and today – given my situation, I pretty much think the KX-3 is truly one of the best rigs made – I really do think it was “revolutionary”. I have noticed some Chinese entries that are just starting to look good – but I do think they have a ways to go to catch up with Elecraft.

I have to say – with the KX-3 and being QRP, I see no reason to even consider any other SDR rigs.

OK – which entity will be my 3rd? Onward!


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