My third FREQ 300 QSO – JJ0USR – only 5100 miles or so, but great DX QRP

I can honestly say that I am having more fun DX-ing with 5 watts than with QRO, and even 100 watts (which I guess in some ways I used to think was QRP). However – I think I just had to get that first DXCC Honor Roll out of my system. Its a lot like always needing to turn it up to 11 when you are a young man – but as you get older (and hopefully wiser – hi hi), you start seeing and really enjoying the subtleties in life – things you missed when you were young and had more testosterone, adrenaline – and less patience.

Yes, Low and Slow wins the race!

It sure seems like every time I turn on my KX-3, and set to 5 watts, I work a new one towards the “Pinnacle of DX-ing” – The Free Range QRP DX-er 300 Challenge . . .

Anyway, Ken was a true 599, and he gave me a 529. This was quite good because my antenna is pointed 90 degrees away from his QTH – its pointed NW – SW. I’m sure had I gone out back and done the “Armstrong Turn” I would have earned a couple extra S Units. No problem – the QSO was easy and solid – and it reminds me how much I enjoy just a simple simplex DX QSO – while the rush of an ATNO using split n the pileups was exciting, I have to say – I have always hated (massive) pileups.

That raises the issue of “strategy” – and its very simple – work people using CW (SSB at 5 watts really seems ridiculous IMHO) – help preserve CW as long as we can – certainly be a part of keeping CW alive, and seek simplex CQ DX calls. The only good thing about everyone running off to FT8 is that CW ops are a little more desperate – and it seems that they will hear Peanut Whistles better now – because there will be less competition. SO yeah – my strategy is have as LITTLE competition as possible. During a contest or DX-pedition – I will have to wait until the stations start begging for QSO’s or counters.


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