FREQ 300 Commemorative QSL Cards

Jeff, K1NSS and I worked up a new QSL card image – which attempts to channel old deco style posters like this:

The Italian reference is the Begali Key. I am more than convinced that Begali keys will become collectors items (if they aren’t already). I know that there are even more “rare” keys, and I almost purchased an Alberto Frattini Bug at one point – but by accident – I found that I hate sending with a bug, and love sending with a single lever key – and IMHO – Begali has the best.

Right now – at the place that I am in my Ham Radio Life – pairing a fine Begali Key with the wonderful Elecraft KX-3 is like wine and cheese or perhaps beer and pork rinds – just exquisite!

In fact, carrying my newfound “Free Range QRP DXer” schtick forward, it only makes it even more fun to chase DX in a way that I want – when I want, how I want, etc. Gone are the days of “musing” or fretting over what is going on with the DXCC List – or what the ARRL is doing about the DXCC program. I recently checked out the daily grumblings over at the eHam DX Forum – and found a thread about how the DXCC program is being “dumbed down”. I have thought for years that in some ways, the IOTA program makes more sense than DXCC . . . hence why my new pursuit allows for DX from both lists. I think its a “thing” that others should try. Add in the QRP power level – and I really do think its WAY more interesting than DXCC or IOTA on their own. I do think its a much better challenge than DXCC Honor Roll. I remember the old Rag Chewers Club – certificates that were signed by “The Old Sock” – I loved that sort of humor – and hope to convey it with this new “Award”.

Now its time for some serious DX business – Free Range QRP DXing!

3 Comments on “FREQ 300 Commemorative QSL Cards

    • Jeff did quite a bit of work for VK0EK – and it really made a big difference. Its one of those hard to describe things – maybe it added some “panache” or “pizzazz” to the DXpedition. Like anything else where you have to market your project – that little extra spice does go a long way.

      Jeff is fantastic to work with – I HIGHLY recommend his work – if you need any kind of graphic – QSL cards, club logo, DXpedition logo – he’s the Man.


      • Yeah – both the cards I use originated from Jeff. Great guy to work with.


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