Very Big Tower and Antenna Weekend

UrbanBeam up 56′ – Safety First !

Each AB-577 section is 5′ 3″, and I have 10 sections in – with two more that I can add. The double walled mast element that the antenna is bolted to is 3′ above the top AB-577 tube. There is no rotator. The UrbanBeam is 48 pounds, and only 30′ wide and 4 ‘ at its boom. Its about half the weight of the N6BT DXU-32 that I had up before:

The N6BT DXU-32 had a 28′ boom and the 40M elements were 47′ wide

The UrbanBeam is much safer on the AB-577, and I might still go the last two sections – but at 10 sections, that’s where I could just tell that there was some “lean” from the un-guyed mast. This is the point where guys start becoming most important. I am sure if I add two more sections that I would be OK – but my gut feeling says 10 sections is within the very safe zone – going higher will mean really watching the guy lines.

Speaking of guy rope – the Mastrant 4mm synthetic rope is the best. Its rigid with very little stretch – and way better than what I had up previous – the “usual” UV Dacron rope. This Mastrant rope is noticeably better – and I do feel a lot safer. I replaced all dacron rope with this, and it gives me peace of mind.

One of the other things I did that was critical was to get the mast 100% true – and “straight up”. It was 1/4 – 1/2″ off kilter before, and one thing I’ve developed over the years is an eye to know when a tower or an antenna is dead nuts vertical. Its pretty weird – but makes sense – my eye knows what the most accurate level knows.

Its still very worthwhile getting the antenna up another 10.5 feet up . . .

I’ll leave the antenna up at 56′ for a couple weeks and will monitor it – especially when we have the winds when the fog comes in and then burns off – there is always wind during those early morning and early evening times.

When I ran to the hardware store this morning, the trees at the Moraga Country Club Golf Course were already pumpkin orange. I thought “wow, summer has flown by”. I did expect this, but it still is a surprise. Good thing, I had no time for the “DX Doldrums” to set in.

Oh my – its that time of year!

Just like last year, my Data Dictionary / Data Catalog project just melted away the summer days

Two fabulous summers, and “It’s like deja vu all over again” at work. This Fall I won’t repeat last years experience – where a manager decided the Data Dictionary project – which was initially met with great fan fare was no longer important or appreciated. This year – we have CCPA and the Data Dictionary / Data Catalog is the KEY to complying – a must – like Gravity – its The Law. This year I am at a place where they have made it absolutely a company Priority One.

I expect a better Fall and Winter this year – much better than last year for sure.

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