Zen and the Art of Clown Shoes

I’m still marveling at how I fell into the Collins Gold Dust Twins which led to me to a major life epiphany that I have been using the wrong Morse Code Keys all my life. It would be like riding the wrong size bicycle – or wearing the wrong size shoes – big red clown shoes in fact.

OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my drift. It does underscore how you can never ask enough questions – or question what you think you know and what you think is the truth and what is real. Its amazing how we can fall into a rut of sorts – and not even know it.

Its taken 45 years for me to learn this. Of course there was no harm done and I accomplished a lot – so maybe this is more like playing a cheap musical instrument, and then all of a sudden you get one that fits you just perfectly in all ways – and your playing instantly gets better. I have two guitars and one has a fret board that fits like a glove – and the other is just not quite as comfortable. I buzz the strings less on the one that fits better. With time, I could overcome this with practice – but isn’t it better to just use what fits best right from the start?

I won’t start asking what I could have done in the past if I had only asked more questions – but I will start looking at everything I do moving forward with a little more care – like a scientist with a microscope who looks at something from all angles and facets. Maybe this all has to do with becoming more mature – and [gasp] wise(r)?

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