FREQ 300 and Cycle 25 Prediction

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It looks like we can expect Cycle 25 to start up anytime in the next year. If the bottom of the cycle lasts as long as last bottom (Cycle 23 to 24), then expect it to be further out – or, maybe we will get lucky (and I’m betting we will), the bottom of this cycle won’t be as long as last bottom.

The article muses that the next cycle will be about the same as last cycle – which is an “upgrade” from previous (and more dire) predictions.

So far, my pursuit of the Free Range QRP DX 300 Challenge has been a ton of fun, and I do not feel lacking for opportunities to work DX and there is enough CW activity to kick this in higher gear. This year has been a year of fixing, building and testing things, so I am now at that point where I’d like to do some DXing and CW operating again – I really have been on “autopilot” since April 2016 – VK0EK, Heard Island.

The timing of all of this is excellent – because I expect that the first 100 – 200 will be “easy enough” – especially since the list I’m following is “anything from DXCC or IOTA”. This means that when things get bad condition wise, I can work “NA- Islands” from IOTA. While distance wise they are not tricky – with IOTA interest they will offer enough of a challenge. OC-PAC, Asia, Central America, South America and the Caribbean should make the first 100 fairly easy.

ALl of this reminds me of working ZS8M in September 2011 – during the Autumnal Equinox. It looks like September 2020 or September 2021 will be Cycle 25’s version of September 2011 – and it all depends on what happens in this next year. That 2011 date was when I could really tell we were finally on the upswing from the long bottom of Cycle 23. I really do believe this time around it won’t be as bad – however, back then I was chomping at the bit with a full OCD on regarding trying to make it to DXCC Honor Roll. This time around its just for fun – and so far, that’s exactly what it has been – just for fun.

OK – onward!

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