Summer is Half Over: Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Its time to get those antenna projects done before Autumn and Winter

This summer I squeezed in replacing my US Towers ALM-31 with an AB-577 mast – and even was able to purchase 4 extension tubes. I spent all last weekend re-guying the UrbanBeam on top of that mast – and also took the time to check all hardware on all parts of the antenna and mast. I also fixed a slight kilter on the rocket launcher base. It was time very well spent – when the rainy season starts here in November, it gets a little harder to do such work – especially if we get wind and rain as we do every couple of years.

Some make hay and some make, well, uh . . . hmmmmm . . . .

In truth, I can do antenna work all year round – but with the UrbanBeam and Diamond Inverted Vee for 80M, I really don’t need to do much anymore. I occasionally have dreams of some big Bobtail Curtain – or even a shorty forty yagi, but because I can go as high as 65′ now – the UrbanBeam and dipole do it all. My days of Top Band are over – DXCC on 160M was plenty enough.

I have decided that if the UrbanBeam ever craps out and I don’t want to repair it – that’s when something like the JK-402 goes up. One thing that bugs me – I never received a reply from the people (or person?) at JK Antennas. I’ll give it one more try before I wrote them off.

At work, my small team is just weeks away from being code complete on the Data Discoverer project, and its very exciting. I also have been the leader on the leader board at gym for both July and so far in August – and have lost a total of 17 pounds this year, and also have completed my shack re-org and re-design.

The Fall Colors are just starting to show

Its back to school time here – the summer swim meets are over. My youngest graduated from UC Santa Cruz this summer, and so I have no kids going to school any more. I look forward to riding my bike a bit more – doing the weekend rides to augment my gym workouts – and to kick it up to the next level. I have 20 more pounds to drop. Playing guitar has also been a blast.

Jeff, K1NSS is working on a logo for my new QRP DX Pursuit . . . 

I have even “positioned myself” to get ready for “DX Season” – and the other day, 40M was quiet like it is during the Winter. Who knows, maybe 3Y0I will actually happen – that would be the icing on what has turned out to be a good year. I learned last year to be “cautiously optimistic” – last summer I was this happy and then the 4th Quarter Blues hit me. I’m looking more for the “Bounty of Autumn”, and I do expect that to happen. In fact, I was told several very good bits of news regarding the system I have designed to ensure that LendUp is CCPA Compliant. Several companies in San Francisco are very interested in it – and executive staff have invited me to meet with these companies. My product has been very, very well received – unlike the disaster that ensued last year – with no fault of my own. CCPA is like a 10 Ton Hammer that is hitting Data Driven companies – and believe me – its like a major earthquake in the SF Bay Area. I know – I was involved in Twitters project to do the same thing.

OK – well – my goal is to keep paddling, peddling, pumping, playing, pounding (brass) and pontificating here on this blog.

Hope you Summer has been great – you still have half of it to make it so.


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