The Fall Harvest Season is Here (Happy Friday!)

The best Fall colors I have seen on the West Coast are right in my own back yard!

I must have lucked out fall color wise – every year, the trees on my property offer so many different colors its like an “Autumn Museum”. I started looking for a decent Fall color photo – and they are all in my own photo folders and are all here at the Orinda house.

Fall colors in Orinda, CA? You betcha!

This week was a veritable “Fall Harvest” – I was interviewed at my gym because I have now lost 17 pounds this year – 12 at my new gym. I have been the leader in the Orinda Anytime Fitness Gym for July and August.

At work yesterday, my small team and I were giving high fives – we have data loading into our React Single Page App for our CCPA Compliance app and system. I’m scheduled to start meeting with other companies in San Francisco who have heard about what we are doing and want in on the action. There is talk of a patent too. I couldn’t be happier because I saw a big gap in the available GDPR, CCPA and HIPPA compliance tools, and designed and built something that would be very affordable, flexible and scalable.

The dry farmed tomatoes are in – always the very first indicator that we are heading into Fall. If you have never had dry farmed tomatoes – you have to – they are out of this world.

Here in the shack and out in the back yard I am now onto the next long DX journey – and it just makes too much sense and feels just right. To avoid the “Post DXCC HR Blues”, I did a really great job on the shack re-do and love being surrounded by the Collins gear and the little KX-3 and IC-7300. Somehow is all makes sense. The new shelving arrangement and little workbench with test gear is a joy.

The third of 3 great books I have read – Learning React and JavaScript was one of several big deals this year

What especially nice is knowing that what I have designed and built is something we have to do by law. We are a heavily regulated data company and already have had the discipline and good “data hygiene”. CCPA ups the ante, and I have started seeing other companies just get started looking for people to hire to manage this – and frankly – they are already a bit too late. I’m glowing in my foresight that started last year and culminated in the “Fall Bounty” that is just about to unfold – yesterdays success was a marker that we will be on time and stay on time.We are right where we need to be – its one of those things where when it feels right – you know its right.

I suppose I will have to have my one pumpkin ale this year – maybe . . .

A brew pub just opened in Moraga – along our bike route, and next to it – the Orchard Supply Hardware store is being re-incarnated as Outdoor Supply Hardware, which really makes me happy – I was very sad when Osh closed – and apparently so were many others. They will open this Fall.

OK – Happy Friday, and get ready for Fall – and the great Fall DX that starts in September in the Northern Hemisphere. Right now, 40M is much quieter than it has been – and every 2 – 3 days the noise from some solar disturbance subsides and I can hear DX worth chasing – especially in the early morning.


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