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My good friend Jeff, K1NSS did it again – created something fun and whimsical. Part of what I love about Ham Radio and especially DXing is that we all can get our technical and non technical skills exercised and put to good use. There are many operating activities – contests and awards, and DXpeditions that require a certain amount of marketing, better known as “buzz”. In fact, it is very similar to a fund raising walkathon or runner or cycling event – there is the event, the marketing, the volunteers, and best of all, a camaraderie. In short – we create a positive and healthy community. For a short while – these events add some spice to our lives. Best yet – as DXers we can create our own challenges and pursue our own goals. Play the game as you’d like – get your FREQ on!

My personal rules and goals ended up being simple:

  1. Work ANY combination of 300 DXCC and IOTA entities
  2. Use CW and 5 watts only – leaving any “magical amplification” to my antenna work and operating skill
  3. Create a binder of paper (cardboard?) QSL cards sent and received direct

I have heard from several DXers who really like this idea.




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