FREQ 300 QSO #8: D73F – South Korea

Special Event Station D73F Logo – South Korea

D73F was pounding in here – and it was about 2 hours before his sunset. He did have a hard time hearing me – but I am sure it would have been better if he was in the greyline. As it was, he sent K6YR – which I get from time to time just because the 2 by 1 sometimes throws the other station off.

The Watts per Mile or Watts per Kilometer are not in the long distance range that the VK6 was – so I will only report that metric when I beat my previous best. VK6LW still stands as the best – at 1820 Miles Per Watt, and he was about 9100 miles away. That’s pretty excellent for 5 watts in my book.

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