40M and West Coast Morning (QRP) DXing

Pt. Reyes Station KPH

Every morning during the summer, Oceania, the Pacific and Asia pound into the SF Bay Area. In fact, even rare DX like FT5ZM, VK0EK, FT5WG and others have been worked and easily.

With QRP its more of a challenge, making the DX we west coasters take for granted something special. Soon – the DX activity will open up to the Caribbean and Central and South America at our sunset and beyond. In the Winter, the long path to EU opens up as well – so year round, solar cycle round, 40M is where its at. Band conditions are usually quieter than during our evening.

I expect that each and every QRP QSO will be cherished – a lot more than when I ran QRO.

2 Comments on “40M and West Coast Morning (QRP) DXing

  1. I like your QRP quest. Actually I pursued similar way when I moved to a new flat, with main motivation to remain undisclosed by neighbours’ touchy appliances by my balcony string set fed by some 15 Watts. But that was back in 2014 and soon became too frustrating since a few new ones slipped through.

    I remember watching John’s K7HV videos documenting similar quest. He used to publish each QSO on YT, with exactly what was happening from initial call to a thank-you. I found that especially interesting since many of his contacts were OC, which is usually hard here in EU.

    73, Paul sq5nry

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    • Yes, Paul, I do anticipate that it will take a long time to get to 300. I am also glad I completed Honor Roll in 2013 – and only have 2 more QRO DXCC entities to work.

      While I’m waiting for those two, it’s fun to try QRP. Because I’ve mixed in IOTA with DXCC it gives me some more interesting local DX like the upcoming Tillamook Lighthouse IOTA off the Oregon Coast. 72/3 rich

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