40M: Just Barely Moving Towards Fall Conditions

The trees are just starting to turn color – and 40M is opening up – albeit with noise at night

During the morning we have the great OC – PAC and Asian openings with very little noise on 40M. At our sunset – I am just starting to hear Caribbean, Central and South American stations – which is great because that path offers quite a few “workable” entities using just QRP.

I still get more excited about Fall than any other season

I’m hoping this year the Fall and Winter go better than last year – when we had that devastating fire and then my work world went to hell in a hand basket in October – while I was on vacation in Bend.

I have a much better feeling about this Autumn – and I am a lot more optimistic that it will be a good one. There are so many good things scheduled where I will be very busy all the way up to July 1 (and beyond). This is because the State of California rolls out CCPA January 1, 2020 and then enforcement starts July 1, 2020. Since LendUp is heavily regulated, the product I have designed – and which we will launch into Production by early September – will be the cornerstone of LendUp being ready and able to pass muster with CCPA.

Radio wise – I do expect that every day the summer noise will lessen, and the signals will be more workable.


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