August Speeding Like a Freight Train

Just like last year, August is speeding by

This year is (as Yogi Berra said) “like deja vu all over again”. Its hard to believe its already August 15. June and July moved at the normal Summer pace, but because I am working on a project that is due next Friday, I expected time to seem like it would “compress” – and it sure has.

Racing to the Finish

This year I started a similar – but expanded React / Spring Boot JPA / Postgres / Redshift Data Catalog Microservice and Front end application project called the LendUp Data Catalog and Data Discoverer more than a month later than last year – but I still had to complete the project on time. Just like last year, I found myself learning and coding JavaScript with React, and also add in Java – so it was even a more intense version of last year. Thank God, I had a wonderful Summer Intern from a local college who wanted a “Full Stack” software project – and that is exactly what she ended up working on. It was a total win – win – win, for her, me and LendUp. It is a memorable project – one that I will cherish even more than the Data Explorer that I designed and built last year, and which also was going into production at about the same time a year ago.

I have been telling people at work that while our project (product actually) is wonderful, it is a tool – and that we still need carpenters. This is because all the rage with data based companies who do business in California will have to comply with the California Consumer Protection Act, or CCPA, starting January 1, 2020. Enforcement won’t be until July 1, 2020, but anyone who isn’t already on this – and diligently working on preparing will be SOL (shit out of luck) next year. Ironically – while CCPA seems like a pain in the ass – its the best thing that could ever happen to any data driven company – because like taking a tonic – medicine that tastes awful – but cures you of your ills – there will be a major side effect of companies cleaning up their data management act – and most will save significantly on cloud storage costs as they delete old data that they were holding onto like pack rats.

Next up will be going live and tying up all lose ends – as we head into Autumn

I guess you can say that we will be enjoying a Fall Harvest of sorts – and so while I am starting to feel little sad that this Summer project is about to end – I also realize that I get to use the product to do the (actual) job I was hired for- and that will be most satisfying. Like last year, I worked on this product using skills I had to acquire / learn, so it was intense – but this year I had the full experience of having done this sort of thing last year – and then I had that 3 month strange but wonderful contract where I learned the “Cadillac” of Data Compliance Data Catalogs – Collibra. That silly 3 month contract informed me more about this years product – and it puts this years model heads and shoulders above last years.

OK – its time to start thinking past the project and onto the next chapter – and season – which will include the wonderful Autumnal Equinox and better 40M QRP CW conditions – with less noise and my very favorite morning long path. I do expect that I will make a QSO with Philip, PA9O, and others in EU – and will add those last two sections to my AB-577 this weekend.


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    • Classic and excellent cameras. Possibly the most fun in my photography hobby I ever had was with one – especially when I lived in London and traveled all over Europe teaching Gupta SQLWindows classes during the day and walking the cities and villages with that camera before and after work. I especially liked Amsterdam.


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