FREQ 300 Milestone: #9 – 4S7AB

Kamal, 4S7AB with his 2 element Quad worked easily with 5 watts. Amazing!

Perth, VK6 is still the MPW / KPW (miles per watt / kilometers per watt) champion QSO, but this QSO is second – and would be more “rare” if it weren’t for Kamal – who is a beacon from Sri Lanka. Its pretty amazing that I could expect to work India or VU4 / VU7 using 5 watts. Of course, in a major pileup I would most likely not compete – but that’s the point – I like these simplex DX QSO’s a lot better than massive pileups in split mode.

Its been 2 weeks since I started, and being at the bottom of the cycle I guess I can see how I actually will make 300 and do it a lot faster than I had originally expected. There are plenty of days where its a bust – but it only takes one good DX QRP QSO every few days to keep me very happy as a “born again” DXer.


One Comment on “FREQ 300 Milestone: #9 – 4S7AB

  1. Doing a fine job Rich. I think you’ll be able to reach those 300 in a few years. The last ones will take a lot of time. But since it is not only DXCC but a combination of DXCC and IOTA it is manageable. I did 100 DXCC in only 79 days with 5W or less and used SSB, JT9, JT65 and CW in 2016. I know propagation was a little better at that time and I’m lucky to be in Europe. I estimate you will reach those 300 in about 3-5 years, that will say if you will hunt in contests as well. We will see how things develop. Congrats on your first 10. Keep on going. 73, Bas

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