FREQ 300: #10 – IOTA NA-036 – VE7/F8IHE

Vancouver Island – our nearby Canadian neighbor – great (QRP) DX on 20M at the bottom of the cycle!

I’m learning that “Rare DX” is a relative term not an absolute. I had previously been so “whetted” with the ARRL DXCC list that I could not see the forest from the trees.

Now add in QRP and you have a whole new reality. F8IHE, Franck, was most likely on holiday in Canada, and also wanted to activate an IOTA. He called and called and called CQ – and was more than happy to dig me out of the frying pan noise.

Today it has been made very clear how limiting one list vs. another list is, and also how you can tune your expectations and interpret what DX and “rare” DX is. Today at the time of day and weak 20M opening, VE7 was great DX!


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