Flying Ghost

10 Section of AB-577 Mast Plus 3 feet of double walled tubing = 55′

I loosened the guy ropes and started adding the 11th section of AB-577 mast today, and saw it lean more than I felt comfortable with, so I have decided to keep my UrbanBeam at a very safe 55′. As much as I’d love to go another 10.5 feet, I always put safety first. I push it as far as I can up to that safety “inflection point” where the risk steps up one level higher than I would like.

I had a much bigger and heavier antenna up at this height – so I am very confident that the UrbanBeam will be just fine at 55′.

Its Harvest Time! My favorite time of year . . . 

OK, now all of my summer Ham Radio projects are done. And this week coming up is when we deliver the LendUp Data Catalog and Data Discoverer. Its the culmination of a lot of hard work this summer – and now I can reap some of the fruits of the harvest.

Telluride, Colorado

We have a vacation planned for Colorado and our beloved Bend, Oregon this Fall. It feels great to have completed so much work and where the products / projects are a success, because then this really makes the vacations all that more sweet.

Flying ghost with cape over Mt. Shasta

We are only 3 months away from the Holiday Season – and only 4 months away from 2020

I’ve heard that 3Y0I will try to activate Bouvet again – at the end of this year


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