How to Make Your KX-3 Sing!

I thought panadapters were a waste of time until now (click on the image)

I have owned Elecraft P3 and PX3 panadapters and also have played with an SDRPlay as a panadapter, and have never used one to make a QSO – because I am so good at making split pileup QSO’s “by ear”. I am just much faster doing it the “old school” way – that panadapters just seemed cumbersome and slowed me down.

The inexpensive but very high quality ASUS Xonar U7 MKII

Now, when you pair the KX-3 with the Xonar and the Win4K3Suite, WOW, just WOW. I am chasing the light houses this weekend – if they are also IOTA’s, and I just can’t say enough good things about having the spots show up superimposed on the panadapter screen. The graphics are crystal clear and offer just the right amount of information. I might even try using the panadapter for split work this time around – but most of my FREQ 300 QSO’s will no doubt be simplex.

I tried adding this controller – but found it wasn’t as good as the KX3 tuning knob – it just took up precious desk space

Same thing for the Microsoft Surface Dial – it probably is better with a Surface laptop – but not a regular Windows10 laptop

SO – the KX-3, Xonar and Win4K3Suite are the best combo – save your money on a “wheel” or dial – and just use the KX-3’s tuning knob. The entire KX-3 is not much bigger than these dials – so they just don’t add anything except cost.

One Comment on “How to Make Your KX-3 Sing!

  1. Very good write up, I have the KX3 along with the Asus Xonar and I just happen to Win4k3 suite as well. For some reason I have never tried the pan adapter setup. Not sure why but now after reading your post (once we are settled after our move) I am going to give it a go. Do post more about the setup between the KX3, Asus and Win4k3 suite.

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