FREQ 300 #11: The “5C5 Mystery”

Mystery Parts . . . 

Yesterday I worked someone who sent 5C5TLM, and so it leaves me guessing what their real call is. The closest thing that seems like it could be a ham call would be HC5TLM.

AHA! The DXFun Cluster has a history of Luis, HC5TLM spots. SO I will log this one for FREQ #11. His sending was good enough – he just had a hard time with his first “H”. His signal was good – proving that South America is workable even with such poor conditions. With 5 watts – its a big deal, and the first time in a long time since I am not taking South America for granted as good DX. The one other time where I felt this way was getting to DXCC on Top Band – that had the same effect. Hey – this DXing business is fun again…


3 Comments on “FREQ 300 #11: The “5C5 Mystery”

  1. I’ve worked him twice on CW so far this year. It’s a rare (but legitimate) Moroccan prefix so I listened carefully. Both times, he was definitely, consistently sending 5C5 not HC5, so that’s what I logged. If, as seems likely, it was in fact HC5TLM, that leaves me in a pickle: it’s no problem to update my log to correct my own receiving errors and typos, but I’m curiously reluctant to correct for sending errors. Maybe it really was 5C5TLM after all. I guess I’ll just mark both QSOs as “Not valid for DXCC” in my log until the 5C5 mystery is resolved.


    • I am sure it was HC5TLM. I emailed him and he confirmed our QSO – so I will send a QSL card. You might email HC5TLM to double check.


      • OK, thanks, good idea. I will probably email him … and maybe have a quiet word about his sending! First though, I plan to record him so I have some evidence/proof that it’s not just my dodgy hearing, which means waiting until I next hear him on-air.
        By the way, I like the look of that bicycle whirlygig thing up there ^^^. I’ve made a few small whirlygigs for the garden, including one with a hand tapping away on a Morse key. Nothing that big though! 73 Gary.

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