Racing to The Finish: The Final Week

This is the final week of my LendUp Data Catalog and Data Discoverer project. Its been 3 months in the making – so one quarter – and we now have a serious CCPA (and other) Compliance System. Its much more than that – but the CCPA requirement is what makes it Top Priority – which means unlike last year – this product / project has a certain amount of “insurance” that it will stay alive for a while – it certainly is in much more secure territory than last years product / project (at another company) – which was a great one destroyed by a bad manager and bad politics.

The biggest personal gain from this project is that I finally learned React and Functional Programming with JavaScript. I also learned how easy it is to create REST API’s and Microservices using Java Spring Boot and the JPA ORM. I actually don’t like ORM’s and would rather just do SQL pass-throughs – they are easier to write and easier to tune for performance – but I also have to go along with our standards and procedures.

My summer interns last day is this coming Friday – so after Wednesday we will be done with this phase of the project. I guess I need to get amped up to see if we can get the last couple of things implemented – but in any case – I will own and support the code line after she goes back to school. I will then be onto the next phase of the project – which will be to get it ready to be launched into production. Fingers crossed that we have a very productive week.

OK – enough about work – back to DXing – lets see if I can snag Lucky FREQ #13 today!

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