Duty Now For The Future

Now its time to look forward and see if I can make a few prognostications and predictions – just for the hell of it. The 4th Quarter of the year is a big deal – lots going on – Holiday Season, ending one year and getting ready for 2020. Here are some facts and thoughts:

  1. CCPA starts January 1, 2020. This means the data driven companies in the SF Bay Area will be shitting bricks – most are nowhere near prepared. Expect lots of panic. I will be sitting in the Cat Bird Seat on this one. I will be very busy, but will still squeeze in 2 weeks of vacation time. My reward for keep on keeping on this year and rising above a terrible situation from my old place of work. I will be crazy busy all the way through 2020 because of the juggernaut that CCPA is. This is a hole new IT market that I will end my career on
  2. Free Range QRP 300 – yeah, Fall and Winter conditions on 40M will make this a ton of fun. I’m already really surprised how easy it has been to work DX during the summer at the bottom of this Cycle – its very encouraging, with no DX Doldrums here – who would have thought QRP could be a bottom of the cycle blues buster!
  3. 3Y0I – I predict it will happen and that I will work them. (Well, OK – they will make another honest attempt like last year anyway). Working them is my only DXCC dream. Heck – I guess the French Team could announce they have permission to activate Glorioso! More dreaming – I’m really much better off chasing the FREQ 300  . . . big comfort in that . . .
  4. Global Recession – it won’t be what Trump and his ass kissing lackeys will say or do – the world wide recession will start in Europe – and be announced in September – with Germany showing that it is in one already – and there will be a domino effect – the UK will be in very serious bad shape especially due to Brexit – (shades of the US) in fact, but much worse off. People will stop spending in the US – and Trump will get the blame for his tax cuts, skyrocketing deficit, and trade war. If he did nothing at all – he’d be in much better shape. This recession is so long overdue, Trump will be blamed but it is more of a cyclical thing, actually. The Tariffs will cause Inflation and prices to rise – people will stop spending – it will start showing up this Holiday Season. His (non-rich) supporters will be hurt the worst, some will turn on him. The longer he stays in office, the longer there is a chance he ends up being the Great Pariah
  5. Climate Change / Global Warming will have more dire effects on man. Drinking water will become scarce – migration patterns will be affected by this for sure. Low lying areas will start to see rising sea water. Places will bake and flood even more
  6. Green Energy will rise up – solar and wind especially
  7. Weight Loss – I will get to my first big weight loss goal by the end of the year – or early next year. Since this is a change of life behavior – when isn’t important – it WILL happen, and in due time
  8. Guitar Playing – I will continue to improve and enjoy it just for the sake of playing and enjoying it
  9. Retirement – my wife will get a lot closer to retiring, and we will both be happy that I still love my work and see no (near) end to it
  10. House and Rental prices in the SF Bay Area will drop – due to people leaving and also the looming threat of recession. We will have to wait another 4 – 8 years before things climb back up. Oakland will become fully gentrified
  11. A handful of Companies will start leaving San Francisco – it is way too over heated here – and young people can’t buy houses or even rent. All kinds of strange places will become magnets – like Omaha and Detroit. San Francisco will just become a bastion of CEO’s – they will live there and have offices and their workers will be in the hinterland. Oakland will end up a lot like San Francisco – but not as severe. Richmond will be the next Bay Area City to be colonized – so not everyone will leave – but enough will to start leveling the scale. Inland Central Valley towns will end up becoming a lot more Blue as many leave the Bay Area for Stockton, etc – places that offer proximity to the Sierras. As these young tech workers colonize these traditionally Red areas – they will become more Blue – like what is happening to Texas – all because of Austin
  12. There will be a big wave of consolidations – especially in the Fintech space

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