ZS9V and KPA-500 / KWS-1

Several hours before our sunset, ZS9V was workable (had I not been on QRP)

If there was no one else calling them and if it weren’t so noisy, perhaps I could have worked them with 5 watts. It was just great to hear a ZS station again – the normal nightly ZS6CCY “beacon” doesn’t seem to be on the air much any more – or maybe I am just missing him? In any case – just hearing them was a treat yesterday.

Before 3Y0I hits the air – I might purchase another KPA-500

I might drive a KPA-500 using my IC-7300 for my “high power” station. Or I might be ballsy enough to try to work them using the Gold Dust Twins.

Now that I think about it – fuggetabout the KPA-500 – the KWS-1 IS a linear amplifier, and working split is the default with the Gold Dust Twins!

I think the KWS-1 has taught me that 500 – 700 watts is plenty enough power – and that going to 1500 watts actually causes more headaches than it is worth. The KX-3 with only 5 watts gives me complete liberation from antenna parts than can suddenly go south – there will be no high voltage arcing that I have experienced with 1500 watts – in a tuner, at a balun, and at a remote antenna switch (especially on 160M). The SteppIR UrbanBeam means I won’t need a tuner since I tune at the antenna – that also is a big relief over past antenna systems.

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