Fall Harvest Season

The Best Safety Device is a Careful Man . . .

Today we completed the code for our LendUp Data Discoverer React Single Page App, Java Spring Boot / JPA REST backend, and all initial database back end and Python coding work. It was three months and I must say – as great as last summers project was:


This summers product is WAY better. Those short 3 months at Twitter working hard to become Collibra Certified made all of the difference in the world. I’m very proud of what we did – and I will be writing the companies Engineering Blog at LendUp soon – I will post the link when I get that – so you can see how much better this app really is first hand.

I also have all of my Ham Radio ducks lined up- I worked on many projects and now will just enjoy the fruits of my labor – playing with the Gold Dust Twins, the SW-3 and the KX-3 pursuing the FREQ 300. Antenna is up higher and ready to roll!

The hard work at the gym is also paying off – as is my guitar playing – all of the hard work this year has my roads all leading to enjoying this Fall and reaping the rewards. I will still be working hard (no rest for the weary), but all of the work so far was leading up to the “Next Chapter”, and I am looking forward to (them).

Cheers – its party time for now!

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