Countdown to Autumnal Equinox

Darth Vader like greyline map . . . 

Daylight is receding in the Northern Hemisphere and increasing in the Southern. Daylight is almost 12 hours with night also 12 hours. In the last couple of days 40M in the morning has been much quieter and with stronger signals from the farthest points in Asia. I am sure that most of this has to do with being in between coronal hole and earth directed activity – the past few days has been quiet. However, I do expect conditions on 40M to now start to get steadily better each day – we are less than one month away from the equinox.

This part of the year and sunspot cycle means that with zero sunspots, something has to give. I’ll take the quieter conditions any day – because even a drop in the noise from S9 to S7 makes a huge difference. Once the noise level is S9 – HF becomes nearly useless.



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