The 4th Quarter: Finish Strong!

We are one week away from the 4th quarter of 2019

In sports and when working on a project, its always enlightening and a great feeling to “finish strong”. We just had the best strong finish to a software project at work, and I have had a great strong finish to several ham radio projects, including the renovation of the shack and replacing the ALM-31 with the AB-577 plus extra tube sections.

So, with one last quarter this year, what are my priorities and projects:

  1. At work – use the Data Discoverer to help the company get to CCPA Compliance. I’m loving the idea of using the most excellent tool that we built to get the job done – its a real point of pride – and a way to “finish strong” by end of year
  2. Ham Radio – very much like #1 – use my new Free Range QRP DX CW 300 Challenge set up (KX-3 and Win4k3Suite plus new logbook and QSL cards) to finish 2019 on a strong note
  3. Guitar – keep improving – no end goal, just enjoy while becoming a better musician
  4. Gym – keep hitting the gym and stay at the top of the leader board. I’m at the top for a second month in a row
  5. Vacation time – its time for some vacation time and several big holidays. I’m looking forward to that big time

The theme now has switched from the initial build of stuff to the use of stuff. Its a sort of “keep paddling” thing – and I welcome that – it takes a ton of energy to plan, design and then execute. It will nice to get in a pace and just paddle or cycle forward with purpose.

I will no doubt watch how others start panicking over CCPA – and yes, I will sit back and laugh at the short sighted fools I’ve had to deal with in the last year. Like the leader board at the gym – I’ll get out front and stay out front.

I’m hoping that 3Y0I shows up at Bouvet, but that’s just a wish and prayer at this point – I will keep a list of things where I have control and where I can finish this year on a very strong note – better than last year for sure.

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